Case Study

HBJ Property Management

HBJ Property management is a real estate start-up by Harry B. Joseph, who purchases properties and renovates them for potential clients.


Planning & Sketching

For the planning process of the HBJ logo, there were a few ideas that client wanted to explore. Starting off, he was interested in adding a hammer design, similar to Thor’s hammer from the Marvel comics. After creating the initial sketch and implementing a polished version, the client decided to move away from the hammer idea. The client also wanted to change the subheading of the logo from “Property Development” to “Property Management”.


Digital Refinement

After moving away from the initial concept, the client wanted to explore a design based on eastern architecture. What we ended up going with was a logo design that involved a Torii, a gateway seen in many Japanese shrines. In order to compliment the torii gate, we added a rising sun with sunlight shining through.


Crimson Red



Dark Gray



Selecting The Colors For The Brand

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Final Result

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